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We announce the launch testing phase of new cloud service.

Dear Customers,

we are happy to announce you the launch of testing phase of our new cloud service cloud.4smart.cz.
Testing is restricted to a limited group of registered 4smart.cz customers,
which are interested in prepared news on 4smart.cz, especially with new cloud environment.

This testing process will help us find and debug hidden problems.
We warn you, that during testing process can occure situations like temporal unavailability of service or part of service
and data loss. The goal of the test phase is to find and debug these undesirable states.
If some of this states will occurs, than You cannot apply claims to claim service and you cannot require
recover and compensation for losted data.

Testing phase is totally free of charge. Potential candidates can contact us by email: podpora[at]4smart.cz.
We will send you a PDF with technicall specification and with steps how to use new cloud service,
based on your request.

IT-TechCZ s.r.o.

Created: 15.3.2019

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