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Comparison of 4smart.cz and cloud.4smart.cz

Dear Customers,

We have decided to create a comparison of the original service 4smart.cz and new service cloud.4smart.cz.

Property4smart.czCloud 4smart.cz
Virtualization typeOperation system layer - OpenVZ (obsoleting)Full virtualization - KVM (modern)
Linux kernel support inside VPS2.6.32 onlyVarious, 5.0 branch including
Modern distributions supportuntil Debian 8 / Ubuntu 16.04complete - all latest including
Another OS supportNOYES
LXC/Docker,.. supportNOYES
Nested virtualization supportNOYES
Safety and VPS context separationlowerhigher = better
Networking ISO/OSIfrom 3rd layerfrom 2nd layer = better
Network flexibilityIPs from three ranges, only one IP from every range is able to assignIPs from three ranges, several from every range is able to assign
IPv6 supportYES, limitedYES, full
Network securityHW+SW anti-DDoSHW+SW anti-DDoS, anti-spoofing protection
Installation sourcestemplatestemplates, ISO images
VoIP PBX supportYESYES + future trends
Backupinginternal + user managedinternal + (some news are in preparation)
Subscription chargesAccording to selected programAccording to VPS system parameters configuration
BilloingThe amount is deducted every 5 minsThe amount is deducted every 5 mins

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Created: 15.5.2019

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