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OpenVZ virtualization technology ends its life cycle

Dear Customers,

OpenVZ virtualization technology, Linux kernel 2.6.32 RHEL 6 of our original service - 4smart.cz, is ending its life cycle
and since 2019 it will not supported by OpenVZ developers.
Therefore, since August 1, 2019, i will not be possible to create new virtual machines at 4smart.cz.
We will naturally run 4smart.cz and its VPS after this dates.
We do not introduce anythink as the termination date of 4smart.cz service and we do not plan this.
The Linux kernel 2.6.32 of 4smart.cz service does not support upcoming Debian 10, Ubuntu 19.04, etc.
Therefore, upgrading the VPS environment is not technically proven.

Therefore, we recommend that you consider migrating your services to our new Cloud 4smart.cz service,
which provides a modern background for the operation of virtual servers, supports modern versions of Linux distributions
and provides reliable and stable backend for VoIP PBXes and another various services.
The Cloud 4smart.cz is successor to 4smart.cz virtual servers with full support of Docker, LXC and another modern technologies.
We are continuously adding new features, new ready-made templates and ISO installation resources of latest Linux distros on Cloud 4smart.cz service.
We will continue this effort for at least the next 10 years.
The latest prepared innovations are features associated with user-controlled VPS backuping and VPS cloning support.

We are ready to provide you our technical support for the migration of your services.
The 4smart.cz and Cloud.4smart.cz are linked and it is therefore possible to migrate used IP addresses.

IT-TechCZ s.r.o.

Created: 26.6.2019

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