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Debian 10 Buster - template or ready-made installation on Cloud.4smart.cz

Dear Customers,

we have just extended our offer of installation resources on Cloud 4smart.cz
by precreated template of minimal installation Debian 10 Buster.

This template is readymade solution with installed SSH daemon and with generic passwords.
Virtual private server is fully ready to use until 5 seconds since his definition.

Template name:

Preset generic accounts:
user: 4smartgeneric
root: 4smartgeneric (direct login with password via SSH is disabled for root by default)

Dont forget to change preset generic passwords as soon as possible.
For use this template you do not need access via remote desktop (VNC).

IT-TechCZ s.r.o.

Created: 7.8.2019

Outsourcing it-techcz.com

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