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WordPress - new instant template on cloud.4smart.cz

Dear Customers,

We have extended our offer of ready-made installations on Cloud 4smart.cz
with new template WordPress CMS - wordpress-template.

With this template, a wordpress site can be launched in less than a minute.

We have maximally simplified how to use this tempalte:
* Create a VPS using template: wordpress-template
* Enter its IP address into your web browser and complete the installation

Compared to wordpress on web hosting, wordpress on virtual server brings you many advantages:
* you can install any wordpress extension at any time
* you can modify PHP environment according to your requirements at any time
* you can fully manage whole database at any time (backuping, maintenance, modifications)
* VPS works great in case of high traffic, for higher traffic you only need to adjust CPU, RAM or HDD space.

Internally is this tempalte based on:
* Linux Debian 10 (Buster)
* Apache 2.4.38-3
* PHP 7.3.4
* MariaDB 10.3.15

Maintenance of the installation can be performed with using of remote dekstop access (VNC) and with using a generic credentials.
If you do not need a remote desktop, we recommend that you turn it off. Access with using SSH is restricted in default.

This accounts and passwords are precreated:
user: 4smartgeneric
root: 4smartgeneric

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Created: 5.9.2019

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